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About faculty

The faculty distinguishes by the flowers basins with the green spaces in addition to many seats & sunshades prepared for the students sitting, basketball playground & hand ball.

  • The Bachelor degree students number reaches to (175000) students.

  • The post-graduate stages students (625) students.

  • Teaching board members & their assistants (118) member.

  • The administrators number (217).

  • The first graduation from the faculty 1981.

The Faculty Premises:

  • The Amphitheatres building.

  • The Amphitheatre (a).

  • The Amphitheatre (b).

The exams printer – English department control – post-graduate control.

2- Conferences Hall.
a- conferences hall.
b- The Amphitheatre (d).

3- The applications building includes:-
The first floor: the statistics department (the department head – members rooms – the department etching organization.
2- The commercial & researches studies department.
3- Computer center Section (1-2)
4- Controls.
5-the mosque.

The second floor:

1- office Pro. Dr. / the faculty Dean.
2- Office of Pr. Dr/ the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs.
3- Office of Pr. Dr/ Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research.
4- Office of Pr. Dr /Vice-Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service.
5- Office of the Chief of the Guard for college.
6-The legal affairs administration.
7- The Amphitheatre (C).
8- Section (3-4).
9- Treasury.
10- Teaching staff members offices & their assistants of an accounting department.

The third floor:

1- the accounting department office of Pro. Dr. the department head.
2- The scientific discussions hall.
3- Teaching staff member’s offices.   
4- Sections (4-8-9-10-11-12-13).

The fourth floor

1- the economy department.

2- The Department Head Office.

3- The teaching staff members & their assistants.

4- Sections (14-15-16-17-18-19-20).

The fifth floor:

the management department:
Office of Pro. Dr. the department head.
-The teaching staff members’ offices & their assistants.
-sections (21-22-23-24-25-26-27).
The applications building include teaching hall by English language.
4) the managerial building of the faculty : includes the youth welfare department, faculty general manager office, purchase department, stores, workers affaires (general – private), cultural relationships, the balance sheet, postgraduate, the postgraduate balance sheet, the accounting & the public relations.
5) The student’s affaires building.
6) Buildings under construction: the English department.

The College Departments:

  • The accounting department.

  • The management department.

  • The economy department.

  • The statistics, math & insurances departments.

Division of study in English:

The Division of study in English includes four sections.
Including the study in all Curriculums in English language in all scientific sections departments.
The study started in 98/97 and till now there are 4 Batches.

The special units serving the society.
The Center for Studies and Business Research.
The open education.