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Formation of IT Unit

* Prof. Dr. Ghazy Assassa, Advisor of University president of Information Technology and Manager of Projects

It’s my pleasure to inform you names of IT unit team at Faculty of Commerce for 2013 as following:

First: Dr. Ali Khalil.              (Administrator of the Project)

Second: Information Technology Unit     (IT Unit)

1-  Ahmed Rabee Rashid.

2-  Mahmoud Farag El Sawaf.

3-  Mohamed Ahmed Saied.

4-  Asmaa Abd Allah Abu El Soaud.

5-  Dalia Abd Wadood Zain El Abedeen.

Third:   Management Information System (MIS).

1- Mohamed Saleh Abd El Razeq.

2- Mohamed Safaa Tawfiq.

3- Ahmed Saied Abd El Khaliq.

4- Hossam Adel Zain.

5- Ahmed Abd El Reheem Abd El Muttleb.

6- Gamal El Din Ahmed Mohamed.

7- El Shimaa Mohamed Abd El Sallam.

8- Nahla Mohamed Ahmed.

* This is Development projects formation and any resolution about names of workers at projects is considered cancelled.

With our Thanks and Appreciations,

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abd El Reheem Zordeq